Top 5 Tally Software Dealers in Indore

Tally Software: Tally Prime is a proud product of Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

If you are planning to buy Tally Prime Software in Indore and you are looking for most trusted Tally Prime Software Dealer or Certified Partner then below are few results.

There are 2 types of Tally Software: Silver & Gold Edition.

  1. Silver Edition of Tally software is a license that can be activated only at 1 computer at a time.

  2. Gold edition of Tally software is a license that can be activated to max. of 100 computers at a time. Note: In order to run license on 100 Pc's, all the computers must be interconnected with each other.

    If you have multiple companies, still you have to purchase only 1 license of Tally. In 1 license of tally software you can
    create unlimited companies with seperate database (companies database do not merge in one another). Depending upon the number of computers in your company which will be operating Tally software you can choose Silver or Gold Edition.

The ranking of the results are based on the market report, after sales support, customer satisfaction & economical solution provider. Although the Tally Software Certified Partners are divided into 3 categories mentioned below but it dosen't make much of a difference to you. You just want to purchase the software with the most trusted partner with the best after sales services at economical rates.

Its wothless looking for best tally price online.As per policy by tally company, the partners are not allowed to provide any kind of discount on sales price but if you personally meet the partners they may provide you with the best deals. (do not negotiate on call). Tally Company monitors the online pricing and blocks anyone who sells less than Max. Sales Price. To get the best price meet the Tally Partners.

Tally Software Distributors in indore are categorised into 3 categories:

  1. 5 Star Partners: Premium Tally Partners. Only 5 Star Partners are eligible to sale Tally Server licenses with Tally Prime Softwares.

  2. 3 Star Partners: They will fulfill your all generic needs of sales & Implementation of software in your company. They are bounded to give you 1 year after sales support from the date of purchase. They are although not eligible to sale Tally Server Licenses.

  3. Associate Partners: They are just like the commission agents whose primary objective is to sell softwares. They are not liable for any kind of after sales support to the customers.

I won't recomend you to buy from Associate Partners because they do not provide very good after sales services.

I will recommend to choose 3 star partners for your tally software purchase as they are highly dedicated partners in after sales support.

Believe me just buying tally won't help you. You will need after sales support. Choose your vendor wisely.

Note: Tally Software dealers are the authorised Tally Partners for sales & implementation. They are not authorised Tally Education Partners.

Authorised Tally Education partners are authorised by Tally Education Pvt. Ltd: Education & Training Company of Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


  • 3 Star Sales Partner of Tally Solutions
    Location: Old Palasia
    Contact Person: Ashish Pandey
    Contact: +91-98260-60664

2. Devshreem Solutions

  • 5 Star Sales Partner of Tally Solutions

Location: South Tukoganj

Contact Person: Devendra Acharya

Contact: +91-98266-61122

3. Commerce Concepts

  • 3 Star Sales Partner of Tally Solutions

Location: South Tukoganj

Contact Person: Ajay Sen

Contact: +91-98270-95999

4. Welfare Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

  • 5 Star Sales Partner of Tally Solutions
    Location: Bengali Square
    Contact Person: Ravi Mishra
    Contact: +91-97555-14444

5. Accounting Solutions & Technology

  • 3 Star Sales Partner of Tally Solutions
    Location: Vijay Nagar
    Contact Person: Vijay Singh Rajput
    Contact: +91-93997-99821